domingo, abril 26, 2009

Recién publicados los ePrints del WWW2009


Recién salidos del horno académico (que se den segundas lecturas)  ya están disponibles lasponencias del evento WWw2009. Recuerdo que este año,la máxima conferencia mundial sobre la web, se realizó en Españadel 20al 24 de este mes. El estimado Tim Berners-Lee tuvo el honor de brindar la conferencia inaugural.

Trabajos que me agendo para futuras vistas:

- StatSnowball: a Statistical Approach to Extracting Entity Relationships.

- Exploiting Web Search to Generate Synonyms for Entities.

- Efficient Overlap and Content Reuse Detection in Blogs and Online News Articles.

- Detecting the Origin of Text Segments Efficiently.

- Iglesias. A REST Architecture for Social Disaster Management.

- A new tool to improve the filtering options in advanced searching.

- Query GeoParser: A Spatial-Keyword Query Parser Using Regular Expressions.

- Towards Distributed Social Search Engines.

- Tag Ranking.

- Discovering Users' Specific Geo Intention in Web Search

- Understanding User's Query Intent with Wikipedia

- Finding Answers to Definition Questions across the Spanish Web.

- Inquiro.CL: a New Search Engine in Chile.

- A Geographical Analysis of Knowledge Production in Computer Science.

- A Game Based Approach to Assign Geographical Relevance to Web Images

- Mapping the World's Photos

- Extracting Article Text from the Web with Maximum Subsequence Segmentation.

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