viernes, octubre 26, 2007

Conferencia ISKO 2008

Del 20 al 22 de febrero del 2008 se realizará la Conferencia ISKO en Alemania. El tema principal será: "Repositories of knowledge in digital spaces, Accessibility, sustainability, semantic interoperability". Las distintas áreas de incumbecia son:

a. Ontologies, controlled vocabulary, topic maps, semantic web

Ontologies, classifications, topic maps, and the semantic web seem to enhance the usefulness and the usability of online knowledge. The different communities of deve­lopers often don't know anything about each other although there might be chances of fruit­ful cooperation. Ontologies and classifications (UDC, DDC) are a instruments of knowlegde organization and universal views on knowledge structures. Topic maps offer new and user friendly strategies of retrieval. The semantic web seems to be split between promise and reality. Successful applications are therefore of interest.

B. Social tagging

Folksonomies and wikies can be perceived as a way of democratization of knowled­ge. Nevertheless the producers of this knowledge control the structure of knowledge which is a debatable point. Another one is, whether the sustainability of knowledge can be guaranteed under the circumstances of an anarchic process of knowledge creation. Political questions like these are of interest.

C. Platforms of knowledge

There are several platforms and environments, where online knowledge is used enriching and organizing it for new purposes. Therefore contributions for some of those platforms such as e-learning, e-scholarship, e-publishing are welcome.

D. Applications and projects

Developers of new applications and services are invited to share their knowledge with the participants of the conference. European projects like MINERVA, the Euro­pean Digital Library etc. try to offer digitized knowledge and are good examples of the development into the direction of global stores of knowledge.

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